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Brivis Ducted Heaters - Classic Series

Here at Dual Heating & Air Conditioning, we use a combination of the most highly regarded brands available in Australia to supply you with quality ducted heating systems. One of the brands we supply is Brivis - and the Classic Series is highly popular based on it's proven reliability and quality.

The Classic Series includes ducted heaters for all types of homes and families. The Two Piece Wombat range of ducted heaters have a good 3 star energy rating, which means lower running costs for you and your family at an affordable price.

Brivis Wombat

The Buffalo Series heaters are designed to be installed outside your home, in the backyard or courtyard - a great way to disguise your ducted heating system and provide great results. The Classic Series are a strong option for any home, and we will discuss which system will operate best for your situation.

Brivis Heaters


If you are looking for something easy to hide, the Upflow and Downflow ducted heaters are designed to be installed in a cupboard or under the stairs. This means they can be hidden away with no problem - no space is taken up. Perfect for a unit, townhouse or small home.

Some key aspects of the Brivis Classic Series include:

A renowned, popular Australian brand

Suitable ducted heaters for all homes

2.5 and 3 star energy rating models to choose from

Compatible with Brivis add-on air conditioning

Choice of thermostats

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