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Brivis StarPro - Features

With it's strong, effective and reliable design, the Brivis StarPro series is sure to make waves throughout Australia - keeping thousands of homes warm this winter. Dual Heating & Air Conditioning are keen to show you what fantastic features this series have, so read on to find out more!

The StarPro series has an advanced Energy Management System or EMS, assisting you with zoning for your ducted heating system. Zoning is a great way to direct heat into a certain 'zone' of your home - and in the case of the StarPro system four separate living areas can be selected. Zoning can be pre-programmed, or switched on and off whenever you feel necessary - great for a family during the cooler months!

Another great feature is the Brivis Adaptive Zoning System, giving the series the ability to reduce its output of warm air by up to 80%. The smart system detects how many zones you are currently heating and reduces the energy and fan output to match this requirement automatically.

The StarPro series has been designed to be installed easily beneath your floor, inside your roof or hidden outside your home. Installation is quick and simple with little fuss, so be sure to give Dual Heating & Air Conditioning a call today to find out much more!

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