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Brivis StarPro - Operation

Brivis have released an all new ducted heating system call the StarPro Series, designed for efficiency, reliability and quality. Comprising of two unique ranges, the StarPro MAX (HX) High Efficiency range and the StarPro Plus (MX) Medium Efficiency ducted gas heating range.

The StarPro series and its range of models hold the highest energy star rating of any ducted gas heater in Australia - at 5.8 stars. The ensures that you and you family feel the most efficient, high quality results at a low running cost all year round. But how does the StarPro series operate?

After more than 50 years in the climate control industry, Brivis know how to design an effective ducted heating system to the best. The StarPro system features a new spark ignition system to ignite the burners, bringing the model up to the ideal heat quickly and safely, delivering the warm air throughout your home. This works via a flame sensor on the end of the burners, which sends a signal to confirm that there is ignition across the entire burner. Using this system, the model is quiet, efficient and reliable at all times.

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