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How Does Ducted Heating Work?


In order to understand how gas heating operates, it is important to understand what the system consists of. This includes:


A furnace fuelled by natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The air is drawn in by a fan and passed over a heat exchanger to warm the air up. Furnaces are generally installed in the roof of a home or office or externally, but can also be placed under the floor or even in internal cupboards if space is limited.


Ducting distributes the heated air through a home. It is usually laid above the ceiling or under the floor.


Registers (also called outlets or vents ), attached to the floor or ceiling, direct warm air into rooms. Provided ceiling registers are correctly positioned, they will provide a similar heating effectiveness to floor registers. Floor registers are usually located near outside walls to allow heat to fully flow back through the house to the return air grille. Ceiling registers should be located centrally in a room.

Return Air Grille

A return air vent or grille recirculates air to the furnace, beginning the cycle again. Filters can be attached to the return air grille to reduce dust circulation. If a filter is added, the grille must be larger in size.


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