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How Can I Run My Ducted Heating Efficiently?

It is vital that you select a ducted heating system to fit the size of your home - be sure to speak to a heating professional at Dual Heating & Air Conditioning about your requirements. In order to operate the system efficiently, there are a few elements that can assist you. These include:

- Select a high star energy rating; this will save you time and money.

- Ensure that ducts are well insulated; minimum R0.6 where heating only is used, R1.0 or greater where heating and refrigerative cooling are used.

- Opt for a zoning system if suitable; this will enable you to designate warm air to certain sections of the home.

- Select 'positive close-off' floor outlets; this way you are able to shut off air to certain areas of the home when unnecessary.

- Electronic ignition will assist you in running your system efficiently all year round.

- Be sure to ask for a thermostat with programmable timer; you and your family will only have the heater running when necessary.


Aside from these selections, it is important to maintain an awareness of your ducted heater and its operation at all times - being sure to switch it off when not in use. Call Dual Heating & Air Conditioning today to receive a quote for your home.


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