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How Should I Distribute The Ducted Heating Air?

When placing the registers for your ducted heating system, be sure to make a list of the rooms that you require to be warmed during the year. Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and studies are all popular areas of the home that require heating - as they are commonly used throughout the year.

To evenly distribute hot air throughout a room, the positioning of the air vent must be considered. The skilled team here at Dual Heating & Air Conditioning are more than happy to assess your home and advise as to where the registers should be placed to obtain the best air circulation.

Floor Registers:

Floor registers are usually located near outside walls to allow heat to fully flow back through the house to the return air grille. The hot air will rise, creating an even heat an any level.

Ceiling Registers:

Ceiling registers should be located centrally in a room, or between the centre of the room and external walls. They should never be placed towards the internal walls, as heat will not circulate properly around a room. Provided ceiling registers are correctly positioned, and of appropriate design, they will provide a similar heating effectiveness to floor registers.

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