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What Is Ducted Heating?

Ducted heating, or gas ducted heating, is a central heating system designed to heat an entire home or office. They are a simple and effective manner of warming a home, and can be controlled easily to create the most suitable climate for everyone. They are designed to distribute warm air to most or all of the rooms in your home with one click of a switch.

Ducted heating are convection heaters which circulate warm air throughout the home via insulated ducts, entering rooms through the floor or the ceiling. Generally, ducted gas heaters are run on natural gas - however electric reverse-cycle air conditioners are another option that is readily available.

Ducted gas heating can assist you in warming your home quickly and evenly. Depending on the size of ducted heating system, up to one third of the total number of ducted outlets can be closed off at any one time - meaning you can circulate your air to one section of the home.

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