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What Size Ducted Heating System Do I Need?

A correctly sized ducted heater is essential for comfort and economy. A heater which is too large will have a higher purchase cost, will not operate efficiently and can create uncomfortable conditions for the incorrecct home. An undersized heater will not heat the area adequately.

Heaters should be sized to maintain a comfortable temperature in a room on an average cold day in winter. This heat load is determined by room dimensions, insulation levels, window areas and coverings, indoor and outdoor temperatures and many other elements.

We will speak with you about your requirements and house size to gain a true representation of what you will need. The information below is a guide, so be sure to check your estimates with our specialists first.

Home (per m2 of floor area) Heater output required

Uninsulated home 130W

Insulated ceiling only 100W

Insulated ceiling and walls 80W

Energy smart home 60W



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