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The Benefits Of Evaporative Cooling

If you are wondering how evaporative cooling can advantage your home and family, Dual Heatiing and Airconditioning can assist you in making an informed decision. Read over our comprehensive list of benefits evaporative cooling can have on your home.

The air inside your home is never recirculated - meaning the freshest, healthiest air possible, without spreading allergens.

It is one of the healthiest and safest ways to cool your home, as it uses clean, fresh air to replace the old air in your home many times an hour.

The cool air your family experiences will never be dry or warm, meaning that you will never have to deal with irritated or sore eyes, throat or skin.

Evaporative cooling is an inexpensive cooling option - being up to 50% cheaper to install and up to seven times cheaper than refridgerated cooling.

It is friendly to our environment, as it uses less electricity and has a lower greenhouse gas contribution.

You are always able to leave your doors and windows open and enjoy any season of the year.



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