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Bonaire Evaporative Cooling - Continued


There is nothing worse than a hot summers evening with a rattling, noisy airconditioning or cooling unit right in your ear whilst you are trying to sleep - and Bonaire has the solution. The Integra is an extremely low noise system that will have you not only keeping cool in the heat but also sleeping soundly.

The Integra is a strong, weather resistant design, that can deal with many conditions. It will continue looking new year after year, with low maintenance and savings on the running costs. The design is sleek and low profile, meaning that it hides away in your roof - in a wide range of fashionable colours to suit any home. The unit has a Water Conservation System standardly inplace, to save lots of precious water every year. The Integra comes with a three year parts and labour warranty to keep you stress free. Most excitingly, the Integra also has the option of a world-first Touch Pad Control, for your convenience.

Summer Breeze

Bonaire's Summer Breeze has been designed carefully to maximise energy usage and lower running costs; and hence being the economical choice for yourself and the environment. The Summer Breeze can have you on your way to enjoying fresh, cool and healthy air in every room of your home.

The Summer Breeze is a low maintenance, strong unit able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Alike the Integra, the system is very low noise and reliable at all times, with a sleek, low profile design. You have total control with the controller options - choosing from a easy-use standard manual controller and an electronic programmable controller. The programmable controller has additional exciting features such as thermostat control and a real time on/off timer that can be set over a 24 hour period.

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