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Your accredited Braemar Dealer is highly qualified to help you select the correct Braemar evaporative air conditioner for your home.

Compucool Sizing System: To optimise performance, this revolutionary system assists your Braemar Dealer to determine the system ideally suited to your situation. He will 'compute' factors such as:

  • Construction of your home
  • Location and climate
  • Ceiling heights in your home
  • Your lifestyle
  • Total area to be air conditioned
  • Your budget

He will also take into account the sitting of your home; whether it's heavily shaded or not; whether it has a lot of glass or not. Your dealer will also refer to meteorological and scientific data taken from over 600 locations around Australia to assist in his detailed and precise specification for your home. Compucool eliminates the guesswork on unit selection, providing you with confidence that the Braemar you install is exactly right for your home.

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