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Braemar Evaporative Cooling - Continued

Features Of The Paradigm Series:

Tornado Pump - This specialised pump provides exceptional reliability in any conditions.

Stealth Fan - The Stealth Fan guarentees super quiet operation and constant flow of air through the moist pads at all times.

Chillcel Pads - The Chillcel Pads have been specifically manufactured with cellulose material to ensure maximum saturation. The pads are self-cleaning, meaning that you receive clean, healthy air all day long.

Free-Flow Water Distribution - The water distribution system delivers continuous, even water coverage of the Chillcel Pads for maximum cooling.

Enclosed Tropic Proof Motor - This motor has been put under straining tests to promise reliable, long term performance. The Enclosed Tropic Proof Motor is variable speed and can be controlled for the best comfort levels for your home.

Automatic Drain Value - The automatic drain valve ensures that your unit will not need regular 'end-of-season' maintenance, by regularly and automatically cleaning your system of dust, dirt and grime. When your system is not in use, the valve will empty all water.

AUTOWinterseal - Whenever your system is not in use, the AUTOWinterseal will automatically close off the airconditioning ducts, preventing draughts coming through your home.

WATERmanager System - This feature keeps your system clean and helps you save water by minimising water loss. The WATERmanager System measures the salinity of the water and dumps it only when necessary.


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