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Brivis Evaporative Cooling

Brivis Promina

Great looks

The Brivis Promina looks great on your roof. The Brivis Promina is available in the four most popular roofing colours in Australia (Beige, Charcoal, Terra Red & Rivergum). The Brivis Promina design also allows the cooler to sit lower and more discreetly on your roof.

Advanced technology

The Brivis Promina incorporates some of the advanced technologies developed from the Brivis Contour series to ensure quality and reliability.  For example, the Brivis Promina incorporates the Brivis designed fan which maximises airflow with quiet operation. The Brivis Promina decor panels are similar to the Brivis Contour series, resulting in a unit that is attractive on the roof.

When you turn your cooler on inside your home, the Brivis Promina begins its Pre-Wet cycle. The water enters the cooler and begins soaking the cooling pads before the fan starts. This ensures that when the fan does start, the pads will provide you with cool air inside your home immediately.

The Brivis Promina has a sloping water trough which keeps the water moving toward the pump and constantly circulating through the system, keeping it fresh and clean and reducing the weight of the cooler on the roof.

Brivis coolers use a pump which sits in its own waterproof chamber, ensuring that the pads are soaked in clean water all the time. The SynchroDrive pump is designed to be self cleaning by spinning in the opposite direction to clear blockages, if they occur.

The water is pumped into the unique Brivis Aqua-Duct. With large channels and drain holes, every pad is saturated, evenly and quickly. Once the pads are saturated, the fan turns on. 


The Aqua-Duct

Due to our policy of continuous improvement, product specifications and details are subject to change without notice. The Brivis Promina has a variable speed fan which gives you a wide range of speeds and allows the cooler to run much slower than other coolers. This is great on a hot night when all you want is a gentle breeze to keep you cool so you can get to sleep.

In the Brivis Promina, the AutoRefresh water management system controls the amount of clean water added to the system. Once a pre-determined number of fill cycles have been completed the cooler will automatically flush the entire tank and refill it with clean water. While the water is being refreshed the cooler continues to operate, unlike coolers that use a dump and fill cycle to refresh the tank water.

When cooling is no longer required the Brivis Promina will automatically run the FreshStart operation which means there is no dirty water or sediment sitting in the cooler before it starts up again.


The Brivis Promina is available in four colours (Beige, Charcoal, Terra Red & Rivergum) and five capacities. The Brivis Promina has three controller options - the Networker, the Programmable Controller or the Manual Controller.  The Brivis Promina can also be fitted with a Winterseal to prevent heat escaping in winter.


Key Points

  • Comes in the four most popular roofing colours in Australia.
  • Has a Pre-Wet Cycle that ensures when the fan starts you will be provided with cool air inside your home immediately.
  • The water is pumped into the unique Brivis Aqua-Duct which has large channels and rain holes to make sure every pad is saturated evenly and quickly.
  • Variable speed fan to provide you with a quiet cool breeze at night.




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