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Ducted Add-On Cooling For Your Home

Brivis ICE

If you are on the hunt for an add-on cooling system that is reliable and effective, Brivis have the answer for you. The brand new ICE Series can have you on your way to a cooler, fresher home in no time, and here's why...

This new unit gives you and your family complete climate control all year round - and functions efficiently during any season of the year. The system encorporates Brivis's top of the range airconditioning system and a Brivis ducted heater - meaning that your heating and cooling operates through the same duct. No longer will you need two separate units to have your home at a reasonable temperature, or be reaching for the wrong remote, because the Brivis ICE series makes cooling and heating your home so easy.

The Brivis ICE can be added on when you install your heating system, or at a later date - with no problems. The air it delivers is cool, and will be blown straight into each room with a duct; providing the whole family with refreshing, cool air during those summer heat waves. Not only do the two operations function together - you can also program them as one on the wall control. Simply program as you wish - and the job is done! The ICE series comes in three different models to suit your requirements.

The Brivis ICE Series comes complete with some exciting features, such as controllable air circulation throughout the comfort zones of your home and filtered air, helping to maintain a healthier environment in your home. Gas heating and refrigerative cooling promise the most reliable source of climate control, even during those horrible nights! The operation of this system is very quiet, meaning that everyone can relax with no worries.

At Dual Heating and Airconditioning, our experienced and well-trained staff are always happy to speak to you about your options and requirements. We have a large range of systems from many different renowned brands alike Brivis. Give us a call, and speak to one of our friendly team about the new Brivis ICE series, and 'add-on' you cooling today!



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