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Ducted Reverse Cycles For Your Home


As one of Australia's most well-known brands, Toshiba has released a Ducted Reverse Cycle system for your home; and the system is efficient and dependable. It is one of the most versatile climate control systems available on the market at present.

The new 'N' series Hi-Wall model has been specially designed to operate at it's best at all times. This Hi-Wall is compact and blends to complement many rooms and many styles. The unit incorporate Digital Hybrid Inverter control modules for comfort and maximised energy efficiency.

Hidden louvers within the model regulate horizontal distribution of the air, while remotely controlled louvers ensure the best vertical allocation of airflow in the room. In Direct Auto Cool Mode the airflow is automatically adjusted in accordance with actual room temperature, for an even and comfortable distribution of air.

Not only is this reverse cycle system effective in keeping you at the right temperature, it is easy to maintain. The front panel of a Toshiba air conditioner is easily removed for cleaning at any time. Just rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Toshiba places a great deal of importance on the study of air flows and the way the air travels through our air conditioners - the results of these studies are the key to the secret of the comfort and quietness of their units.

So, what features does this exciting system have?

One Touch Preset - One touch of a button, and the system will remember your preferred temperature, and can recreate it whenever you need it.

One Touch Auto-Mode - The One Touch Auto-Mode will assist your airconditioner in selecting the best settings to achieve your desired temperature quickly and efficiently.

Quiet Mode - The system will operate as quietly as possible with the touch of a button.

Auto Diagnosis - Your system is able to analyse what it requires and if maintenance is necessary.

Hi-Power - This operation will cool you off as quick as possible!

Comfort Sleep - This operation provides you with the best conditions to sleep in.

6 Speed Fan Settings

Much more!




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