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Evaporative Cooling - FAQs Continued

Can we vary the amount of cooling in any one area by decreasing other areas?

Of course. By alternating the structure of your most used systems (for example, air-flow throughout the entire house), you can concentrate the cool air into a single or multiple specific areas of your home.

How should I use my evaporative cooler to get the highest quality results?

It is best to open windows and doo that are furthest from the outlet vent to assist in the airflow system - this will help your unit along to creating the freshest air possible. On days with hot, northerly winds you may need to reduce the openings on the wind based side of your home and increase the openings on the other side to compensate. Once your evaporative cooler has been installed, it is best to have a play with the system and see what works best for your home and family.

Can we pre-cool the house by starting the air conditioner before we come home?

Yes, however in order to do this you must have a controller that enables the system to be timed to come on automatically prior to you arriving home. That way, your home can be cool and fresh once everyone arrives home.

Does the filter clean the air coming into my home?

Yes. The moistened pads will catch all dust, pollen and smaller particles - all of which cause allergies and discomfort. The air you feel through your home is completely filtered and clean.

What is the electricity consumption?

It is dependant on the model your choose. Evaporative cooling or airconditioning systems are known to consume far less electricity than the average refrigerative airconditioner - often up to 90% less electricity consumption.

When should I clean my evaporative cooler?

At the end of the summer season, and at least once a year to keep your system working at its best all year round.


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