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Evaporative Cooling - FAQs

How does an evaporative air conditioner or cooler work?

At Dual Heating and Airconditioning, our efficient evaporative cooling systems are made up of a central cooling unit that is connected to several outlets throughout your house, depending on your requirements. The main cooling unit sucks in the fresh, outdoor air and brings it into your home in a cool, refreshing manner by passing the air through moist pads in the unit. The unit then filters and cools this fresh breeze and sends it through the ducts into your home - supplying you with fresh, healthy and clean air for all of your family to enjoy.

Will an evaporative cooler keep me cool during the Australian heat waves?

Yes, certainly. Dual Heating and Airconditioning's vast range of diverse evaporative airconditioning systems can guarentee that you will keep cool on those horrible summer days and nights. Evaporative coolers are developed to tolerate and function in the hottest of conditions.

Will my evaporative cooler flush out the water it has previously used?

All evaporative coolers will use water to produce a cool, fresh effect. The amount of water used varies with the size of the unit, the amount of cooling selected and the conditions the unit is set in. Most evaporative air conditioners have a pre-programmed setting which regularly dumps the water out of the system. These coolers are set to systematically flush all the water out of the system and replace with new water, leaving the system fresh and clean.

Can I use the air conditioner to clear my home of cooking smells or smoke?

Certainly. All evaporative coolers ensures full ventilation; getting rid of those smells you do not want within your home.



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