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Evaporative Cooling VS Refrigerative Cooling Continued

If you are someone particularly concerned about the environment, evaporative cooling is the way to go. Refrigerative airconditioning or cooling has far higher carbon dioxide emissions than an evaporative cooling system. By selecting an evaporative airconditioning system, you are saving money, staying healthy and saving the environment.

Refrigerative airconditioners or coolers can remove the moitsure from the air you breath in your home. This can lead to dry eyes and noses, and irritated skin, as well as the loss of indoor plants from lack of moisture. Evaporative cooling systems are ideal for anyone, any age and any condition - the air is fresh, moist and clean and will not harm you or your family in any way.

Sleeping and resting during the hot, dry or humid summer months can be a difficult task if your home is hot and bothered. Children and adults will not sleep at their best when in hot conditions, especially if there is a noisy refrigerative cooling unit buzzing in their ear all night long. Evaporative cooler units and systems are extremely quiet during their operation - meaning that you receive fresh, cool air to your lungs whilst sleeping soundly. No more restless nights, and no more waking to sneezing and dryness!

Refrigerative cooling units must be placed in a particular location or room in your home, and often this is the only room that is kept cool. Evaporative cooling is a ducted system, that delivers the fresh, cool air to every room in the house that is fitted with a duct. There is no big bulky unit inside your home, hanging off a wall - simply a small overhead duct that blows a nice, cool and fresh breeze. In those horrible heat waves, your family will no longer have to cram themselves into one room to keep cool - they can go to their bedrooms or other locations to take part in regular daily activities.


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