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Evaporative Cooling VS Refrigerative Cooling

Wondering how evaporative cooling and refrigerative cooling compare to one another? Dual Heating and Airconditioning can assist you in making an informed decision by supplying you with a detailed summary outlining the comparisons in both cases.

Refrigerative cooling tends to recirculates and re-distribute the same, stale air that has been in your home for hours and days. This means that the air your family is breathing in is not as healthy as the outdoor, fresh air you obtain from evaporative cooling. Fresh and clean air can promote less sickness and assist in stopping the spread of infections, as well as keeping allergies and hayfever at a minimum. Fresh, cool air can assist in moods and comfort levels, meaning less aggression on those hot, summer days. All odours, including smoke or cooking smells, are whisked away in seconds. No more sneezing, coughing, itching and irritating!

A refrigerative cooling system requires windows and doors to be firmly shut to allow for the best results in cooling your home. This can restrict your enjoyment of the seasons and outdoor lifestyle - you are trapped inside your home without fresh air. Evaporative cooling requires as many windows and doors as you like can be kept open, giving you the best air flow and cooling effects possible, whilst providing your family with the smells, sounds and sights of the seasons.

Evaporative cooling is now being called the world's most efficient and economical ducted cooling system, lowering your costs on cooling and saving the environment as you go! Refrigerative cooling systems have far higher running costs than evaporative cooling - meaning that not only is are you breathign in the same old recirculated air, but you are also spending much more. Evaporative cooling is up to 50% cheaper to install, and up to seven times cheaper to run. By using evaporative cooling, you can enhance your lifestyle with the money you could be spending on refrigeratvie airconditioning.

Evaporative cooling requires seasonal maintenance or cleaning - at the very most. To keep your evaporative cooler at it's best, cleaning it at the end of a busy season (such as summer) will keep it functioning well. Yearly is always recommended. A refrigerative airconditioner or cooler will need regular cleaning of the filters and the outer presentation - often monthly. This is generally time that most individuals do not have to spare, in a busy schedule with family and work. An evaporative cooling system will require low maintenance and cleaning.



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