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How Panasonic Air Conditioners Work

Quiet Operation
The Quiet Mode is even more effective than before during both cooling and heating. As well as providing quieter indoor unit operation, it offers a function that also reduces outdoor unit noise.

Energy Saving Performance
Panasonic inverter air conditioners provide exceptional energy-saving performance that ranks among the highest in the industry. This dramatically reduces electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, allowing an environment-friendly operation.

Less Energy and More Comfort - How can an Inverter save energy?
The inverter constantly adjusts compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance at all times. This extremely precise operation enables quick cooling while reducing power consumption compared to conventional non-inverter units.
As soon as the an inverter air conditioner is switched on, it provides the appropriate amount of power needed to rapidly cool or heat of the room. This enables it to reach the set temperature about 1.5 times faster than non-inverter models. So you're comfortable soon after you arrive home on a hot summer day, or on a cold winter morning.

More Precise Temperature Control
An inverter varies output power to enable more precise temperature adjustment. In comparison, a non-inverter air conditioner controls the temperature by switching on and off. This results in temperature fluctuations, leading to uneven cooling. With an inverter model, you're assured a uniform room temperature for extra comfort.

Mild Dry Cooling
Mild Dry Cooling reduces the dryness in the air and assists in preventing dry skin and symptoms such as dry throats and eyes are alleviated.
Fine control helps prevent a rapid decrease in room humidity while maintaining the set temperature. (Maintains an RH* up to 10% higher than cooling operation. *RH : Relative Humidity)
Ideal when sleeping with the air conditioner on.

Air Purification - Advanced+Plus
Panasonic's original, highly acclaimed e-ion Air Purifying System is now 15% more efficient than before. Active e-ions are released to catch dust particles and bring them back to the large filter. Thanks to this revolutionary boomerang-like mechanism, air is purified throughout the room to provide a healthy, relaxing living environment.

Active e-ions
Active e-ions negatively charge dust particles for effective collection and inactivate 99% of viruses, bacteria and mould. The result is high indoor air quality.

Newly Designed Patrol Centre
Air is monitored both during air conditioner operation and when it's switched off. When dirt is detected, the air purifying function is started to immediately clean the air in the room.

Mega e-ion filter
Using the force of attraction between positive and negative charges, the Mega e-ion Filter - which is 7 times bigger and finer than ever - powerfully captures airborne dust particles.




Source: Panasonic Website


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