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Pros & Cons Of Different Refrigerative Cooling Units

If you are wondering what the positives and the negatives are of some of the most popular refrigerative air conditioning units, Dual Heating and Airconditioning is helping you out.

Window Mounted
The most common type, window-mounted units temporarily slid into double-hung window openings.

Low cost
Work with existing electrical wiring in your home
Easy to install.

Designed only for double-hung windows

Window/Wall Mounted
This versatile type can be temporarily installed in a window or permanently mounted in a wall.

Ideal if you're buying an air conditioner for a rentals and people who are moving home

Generally don't include window installation kits
Depending on the plug type and/or amperage, you may need a dedicated 220-volt circuit.

This is a mobile air conditioner on wheels that can be rolled from room to room.

It's easy to store at the end of the season.

Slightly higher-priced than comparable window units
Uses floor space
Exhaust tube must be installed each time it's moved

Wall Mounted
These room air conditioners are permanently mounted in a wall.

Attractive in appearance
Fit more securely than window units
No storage necessary
Easy to repair and replace

Installation can get costly
Must cut an opening through an outside wall
Larger units may require installation of a dedicated 220-volt line
Many models don't include the exterior metal sleeve for installation, so you'll need to purchase it separately


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