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FAQ's Heating and Cooling Systems

A1 Why choose Dual Heating to install a new ducted heating system ?

Dual Heating have got many years experience in commercial and residential heating and cooling system installations and are specialists in new homes as well as established homes, installing for some of Australia’s largest builders.

Upon completion of installation of a ducted heating system or  air conditioning a Compliance certificate will be issued, as per Plumbing Industry Commission regulations.

Our work is of highest standard and quality. All ductwork conforms to Australian Standards 4254 (Fire and Mechanical Tests) and 4508 (Insulation Thermal Properties Tests).

A2 Do you give free quotations ?

Yes, Dual Heating give free on-site quotations for fully installed systems. For ducted heating DIY kits , feel free to send or fax plans for a free design and quotation.

A3 How much can I expect to save on running costs by choosing a five star heater over a three star unit?

According to the manufacturers, you should save anywhere between $150 to $300 per year depending on the size of the unit.

A4 How much can I hope to save with a D.I.Y heating kit ?

For a standard 7 outlet system, you would save around $500- $600.

A5 Can I run cooling through my heating ducts?

You can install a refrigerated add-on cooler to your heating system as long as your heating ductwork is set up and sized accordingly. You cannot incorporate evaporative cooling and ducted heating through the same ducts.

A6 What temperature drop can I expect with an evaporative cooling system?

Depending on the outside temperature you should expect a drop of somewhere between 10-12 degrees C. The hotter and drier the outside conditions, the better an evaporative system will work.

A7 How much does an evaporative cooler cost to run?

Evaporative cooling costs as little as 50-60 cents per day to run.

A8 Can I replace my existing manual thermostat with a programmable timer?

Yes, most manual 24 volt thermostats can be easily replaced by a programmable version. Most customers are quite capable of doing this themselves.












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